Our goal at Laitila Coating is that every employee enjoys working with us. A caring atmosphere, security, continuity, flexibility, tolerance, and co-operation are important values for us as an employer.  A very low rate of employment turnover at Laitila Coating supports our ambition to be a safe and reliable partner for our personnel.

We have been operating at Laitila for two decades. At first, we concentrated on surface treatment expertise, but over the years our range of services has been supplemented with component production and engineering. Today, we offer our customers comprehensive contract manufacturing services for mechanics.

Laitila Coating is growing steadily, but we are still a relatively small player in our industry. This brings flexibility to our operations and allows our staff to work with various tasks in our production. Most of our 60 employees work with sheet metal, busbar, and CNC machining and turning technologies. They are well acquainted with surface treatment, welding and joining, installation and assembly work. Our production runs in three shifts 5-6 days a week.

In addition to our production tasks, we have employees in many different design functions, such as product design, production planning and logistics coordination. Hence, a degree in mechanical engineering gives a good background to work with design tasks. Our administration department and storage function, both located in the same area as our production, also employ several people.

Our success is based on the welfare of our employees. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the personnel is our priority. We act proactively and evaluate the potential risks and take needed precautions to eliminate them. In our field of businesses, technologies and processes develop rapidly, so it is crucial to advance our personnel´s know-how at the same speed. By encouraging our personnel to continuous learning, we ensure a smooth production flow for our customers.

Our workers have had long careers with us. We want to keep this trend by being a kind, safe and reliable workplace.