We continuously develop our operations to minimize the amount of waste and to consume less energy. We have an ongoing investment program to improve energy efficiency. We support the concept of the circular economy by favoring the use of recycled raw materials and recycling all waste suitable for further utilization.  Our target rate for recycling the metal used in the production is 100%. Our company has an environmental permit granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency, and we comply with the environmental directives stipulated in the legislation. We comply with the environmental management system standard ISO14001:2015.


Operating policy

Laitila Coating Oy delivers surface treatment and contractual manufacturing services based on customer orders. We aim to build up business using close and confidential partnership-type co-operation with our customers. We ensure compliance with our customers’ requirements, specify and determine the products before initiating production, and observe the schedules agreed. We are constantly bettering our operations and efficiency through, for instance, addressing quality exceptions and emphasizing continuous improvement.

We perform remedial measures in a controlled manner, carrying out preventative operations carefully and diligently.  We are intensifying our activities on behalf of our surroundings by identifying significant environmental aspects, setting goals for the environment, and establishing targets for each goal. We observe the laws, regulations and official directives concerned in all our operations. Following our conflict mineral policy, all our sourcing must take into account the human legal aspects, such as conflict minerals, which are tantalum, tin, gold, and tungsten. The minerals used by us, of the above-mentioned minerals, are used for tin plating.


Occupational safety

We pay close attention to occupational safety and are committed to develop our personnel´s professional expertise. Our employees’ safety and well-being is our top priority and we continuously develop it by:

  • Ensuring safe working conditions with continuous risk-assessment and development.
  • Monitoring the well-being as a part of the daily supervision work but also with the tools of our occupational health plan.
  • Encouraging the personnel to develop their professional expertise.

Quality control

Our quality system is based on the ISO-9001 standard and is certified by LRQA. We comply with the ISO9001:2015 standard. In accordance with our documented quality system, we meet the requirements of our customers, and we also strive to exceed the requirements.