Laitila Coating provides mechanical system deliveries and subassemblies to machine and equipment manufacturers in various industries. Laitila Coating has strong knowhow of metals and various surface treatment technologies. It provides its customers with partnerships by committing to a customer-orientated service approach throughout the production chain, from product design to manufacture and delivery.

From Coating Services to Total Solution Provision

Laitila Coating's surface treatment has a history of more than 40 years. Since 2007, the company has gradually expanded its range of services. First, we added the manufacturing of sheet metal products and busbars to our product portfolio. Then we moved towards comprehensive contract manufacturing services by including system deliveries, subassemblies, and component manufacturing in our offering. Today, we serve industries ranging from energy to automotive and medical industries.

"During the past year, we have continued our internationalization efforts. Laitila Coating's strengths - production flexibility, comprehensive offering, and delivery reliability – are key competitive advantages, especially in international operations. To support our internationalization measures, we are also refining our brand strategy. The target is to transparently communicate the customer benefits a partnership with us will generate," explains Kai Salo, CEO of Laitila Coating.

Growth and internationalization require skilled employees and secured well-being at work. The development of the industry´s technologies is both a challenge and an opportunity. The work itself can be done easier and faster, but the competence requirements of the personnel will grow as more technologies become available. Hence, Laitila Coating invests, not only in employee well-being but in continuous learning as well.

Combining Metal With Intelligence

Laitila Coating's mission is Metalligence, to combine metal with intelligence. Metalligence is about digitalization, modern machinery, metal and coating technology expertise, and staff know-how. Metalligence provides a strong basis for our international growth strategy.  

CEO Kai Salo with Plant Director Petri Kallio.