Laitila Coating provides contract manufacturing services, both complete system deliveries and sub-assemblies for mechanics. Our customers are machinery and equipment manufacturers in various industries. We specialize in both metals and coating technologies and know how to create value for our customers in their production flow. Continuous development together with investments in machinery strengthens our ability to provide industrial contract manufacturing as a total solution. This, in turn, enables our customers to simplify their quality control processes.

In addition to streamlining quality control, our total solution services also result in other benefits, such as competitive advantage and flexibility. By taking care of several parts of our customers’ production flow we can, for example, decrease the number of unnecessary transfers of raw materials and components between locations. To provide a competitive total solution service we need to continuously develop both our know-how and machinery. During the past two years, we have, for example, invested in a new assembly hall, improved the capacity of sheet metal production and developed our cutting methods.

Environmental responsibility and sustainable sourcing targets guide our continuous development efforts. Together with good stakeholder relationship management, they create a basis for sustainable operation. We comply with the environmental management system standard ISO14001:2015. Improving energy efficiency and circular economy are important targets, not just for our product development, but for our development as a company. For example, decreasing the consumption of waste and electricity are concrete and measurable targets that are part of our sustainability actions. However, we see sustainability as a policy rather than a set of individual actions. Together with our values, they guide our work from development plans to everyday operations.